Our Story

I decided to set up The Ideas People, as I believe innovation – whilst being a popular buzzword in the business world – is grossly misunderstood by individuals and organisations alike.  Armed with my know-how, experience and passion for innovation and enterprise education, I set out to develop people's skills and understanding of innovation, and illustrate how it can be of value to their businesses, work and lives. 
Although most businesses I have worked with understand the importance and benefits of innovation, few seem to understand the process of innovation, and how best to create value from their ideas.  In response to this, I wrote our innovation hacker training courses for those managers and directors who have asked me, “How can I get me and my team to work more innovatively?”   
On a similar note, when I have talked to staff from colleges and universities, whilst they recognise the importance of developing the innovation skills and entrepreneurial mindsets of their students, many are not sure how to enable their students to gain those skills. With those staff in mind, we designed the enterprise education Learning Outside the Box™ toolkits, so they no longer wonder “How do I teach enterprise?”
Whilst all these conversations with businesses and educators have been going on, the global economic crisis has continued to affect the next generation’s employment rates.  In light of this, I really wanted to share my skills and knowledge with tomorrow’s workforce, to equip them with the 21st-century employability skills they need to steer through an increasingly complex and competitive world of work.  Our one-for-one approach allows me to fulfil that wish, so that The Ideas People not only builds the innovation capabilities of today’s workforce but also those of tomorrow’s workforce. 
It is important for us to practise what we preach, and so our most recent innovation is The Crowd ’Zine.  We aspire for The Crowd ’Zine to become the U.K.'s leading innovation magazine for startups, innovators and small businesses.  Our magazine contains articles about people, their ideas and what they are doing with them, as well as practical tools to enable people to learn, connect and grow and become more innovative in their businesses, work and lives.
Developing The Ideas People has been really exciting, and I feel privileged to have worked with, and for, some amazing folk.  We are still working towards our vision, so we hope you can join us on our journey, and look forward to collaborating with you.
By Clare Griffiths, Founder and Director of The Ideas People