Our Approach

Our aim to develop a workforce of innovators is two-fold.  We not only work with private enterprise and public sector organisations to skill up today’s workforce, but also work with educational establishments to develop the next generation of innovation hackers.

Our one-for-one approach is reflected in our business model.  For every training course purchased by a private or public sector organisation, we deliver a training session on creative thinking and innovation – free of charge – at a local school, college or university.  These sessions are designed to enhance students’ innovation skills and confidence to pursue their ideas and career aspirations.  All our training courses come with our one-for-one guarantee. 

As a smart social enterprise, we like to measure our impact and do so by counting the number of people we train, the number of learning hours we deliver, the skills our participants develop, the number of educational establishments we collaborate with, and the readership levels for The Crowd ’Zine.  This way, we know how many innovators we are helping to create in today's and tomorrow's workforce.