Who we are

The Ideas People is a smart social enterprise which improves the innovation skills and capacity of today’s and tomorrow’s workforce through practical training, tools and fun learning experiences.

Our vision is to develop across Europe and beyond a workforce of innovation hackers* who are confident in their ability to innovate.

For businesses, innovation will help your company build its competitive advantage, become more profitable, and be in a stronger position to achieve business growth.  Not only that, your organisation will be better at what it does, and your staff and customers will be motivated and happier, having developed their innovation skills whilst turning their ideas into reality.

For individuals, innovation skills are imperative.  Not only do they help us do a better job in today’s world, but also enable us to adapt better to change in tomorrow’s world – in our businesses, work and lives.   

For educators, experiential teaching practice brings new life and dynamics to the classroom, and encourages students to be more innovative.

Whatever your role, we can help you put innovation at the heart of everything you do. 

*Wondering what an “innovation hacker” is?  An innovation hacker is a talented individual who enjoys finding and experimenting with better ways to do things – for the benefit of business, society and the world.