Our Training

OUR NEXT OPEN TRAINING COURSE 'Becoming an Innovation Hacker: How to innovate in business' is now open for bookings.

It will take place in central Brighton, on Tuesday, 18 November 2014.  

For more information, and to book your place, please go to:

What training do you deliver?

We have developed two courses in innovation.  They are:

Becoming an Innovation Hacker: How to innovate in business
Designed for business owners, managers and employees of private enterprises and public sector organisations who would like to think more creatively, generate more ideas and implement those ideas effectively for the benefit of their work and business.

Developing a Team of Innovation Hackers: How to enable teams to think creatively and innovate effectively
Designed for business owners and middle managers of private enterprises and public sector organisations who would like to empower their teams to work more innovatively and create a work environment which encourages and rewards creativity and innovation.

What will I gain from these courses?
As a result of these courses, you can expect to have:

  • More ideas for business development;
  • The skills and confidence you need to manage your innovations;
  • More revenue streams and greater profitability;
  • Happier staff and customers;
  • A stronger position from which to grow your business.

What on earth is “an innovation hacker”?!
An innovation hacker is a term, developed by The Ideas People, to refer to “a talented individual who enjoys finding and experimenting with better ways to do things – for the benefit of business, society and the world”.  We think that the workforce should be full of innovation hackers!

What’s special about your training?
We believe that training and education should always be practical, interactive and fun, and design our training accordingly.  Wherever possible, we apply experiential learning pedagogies which research suggests is the most effective way to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship.  If you want to see what our clients have said about us, please read about our reputation.

As part of our one-for-one approach, for every course delivered, we deliver a training session in creative thinking and innovation – free of charge – for a local school, college or university.  This is always tailored to the learning needs of the students and institutions involved.

All our courses can be tailored to your training needs.  Please contact us for further information and bookings.