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Pick n' Mix™: Networking, problem-solving and innovating

Pick 'n' Mix is a monthly business networking event in Eastbourne which The Ideas People has set up in partnership with co-working space Cohub.

Frustrated with the format and style of "traditional" networking events, The Ideas People decided to set up this two-hour event applying the pedagogy of Open Space Technology to encourage peer-led learning, problem-solving, collaboration and innovation.

Open Space Technology is essentially a method for convening meetings, conferences and learning in an accessible manner.  Rather than event organisers deciding on the agenda and content of a meeting or training session, the attendees themselves define what they would like covered during the session, and then facilitate that learning accordingly.  There are merely Four Principles and One Law for Open Space Technology which are:

•  Whoever comes is the right people;
•  Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened;
•  Whenever it starts is the right time;
•  Lastly, when it is over, it is over.  

Other than the Four Principles, there is the so-called "Law of Two Feet" which simply states, if at any time you find that you are neither learning nor contributing – use your own two feet to move to another group.

We launched Pick n' Mix in November 2012, and over 90 businesses have attended so far – including inventors, photographers, environmental consultants, therapists, and motorcycle racers!  Web marketer and website designer David Philippe from Netjib said, “I found Pick 'n' Mix a refreshing change to other networking events.  The workgroup part proved especially useful to discuss business challenges and bounce around ideas to move my business forward”.

Pick 'n' Mix takes place in the evening on the last Thursday of every month (with the odd exception!) at various locations across Eastbourne.  Attendance is free, but spaces are limited, so to avoid disappointment, please book your place promptly by visiting http://www.picknmixnetwork.com.