The crowd ’zine

The Crowd ’Zine, edited and produced by The Ideas People, is the UK’s leading innovation magazine for start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses to learn, connect and grow. 

With content crowdsourced from our taregt audience, The Crowd ’Zine features articles about people, their ideas and what they’re doing with them, as well as practical tools and tips to enable people to become more innovative in their businesses, work and lives.

With an initial projected readership level of 10,000, this free quarterly online magazine is made up of seven sections: 

  1. People – Reflective accounts by start-ups and innovators
  2. Innovation – Case studies about small business innovation and social innovation
  3. Learning – Practical tools and know-how for innovating and doing better business
  4. Digital – Insight into the latest digital tools for networking, marketing and working more efficiently
  5. Play – Exercises to encourage right brain thinking and creativity
  6. Gallery – Opportunities for creative practitioners to showcase their work
  7. Resources – A round-up of relevant business support organisations and funders

The first issue of The Crowd 'Zine was released on 4 November 2013, and the third issue is out now. To read the latest issue, please click here.

The Story of The Crowd 'Zine

We decided to set up The Crowd ’Zine because we felt innovation is still grossly misunderstood by businesses and individuals alike, yet the imperative for us all to be more innovative is greater than ever before.  We believe that an independent innovation-themed business magazine is an accessible platform for us, our guest contributors, and our readers, to share our understanding and experiences of being innovative in business and work.