Our Magazine

Thrive is a free, quarterly A5-sized business magazine aimed at female founders, which is distributed in Brighton and Hove, and circulated widely online. The first issue of Thrive launched in June 2018, and can be accessed online here: www.issuu.com/thrivethemag

Via our magazine, our mission is to inspire, inform, celebrate, and support the diverse range of female founders in Brighton and Hove, and Sussex, who want to start up, or grow, a thriving small business.

Our social purpose is to increase the start-up and survival rates of female-led businesses in Brighton and Hove, and beyond. In Brighton and Hove, there are 13,800 self-employed women, compared to 19,100 self-employed men¹. Nationally, in 2016, only 22% of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with no employees, and 20% of SMEs with employees, were led by women². In the same year, just 9 per cent of the investment that poured into UK start-ups went to companies with a female founder³. The Thrive team intends to change these statistics for the better, and reduce the gender imbalance between female and male-led businesses. Through the work of our magazine, along with the support of our guest contributors and advertisers, we aspire to boost female entrepreneurship within Brighton and Hove, and beyond.

Thrive contains five sections (START, GROW, REFLECT, DISCOVER, and CONNECT) with articles exclusively featuring female founders, as well as practical advice written by female business professionals who support entrepreneurs. The magazine also contains thought-provoking reflections, about what it is like being a female founder in the UK, and abroad. All our content reflects our core values of being inspiring, being informative, celebrating diversity, and being supportive.